Our collection of gingers and Plumerias received an explosive boost by the supply of countless varieties of Curcumas and others through Mr. Joerg Pein, exporter of numerous tropicals from Thailand, who can join his interest in experimenting the capabilities of Negros, Philippines, to grow ornamentals for export, and provide new collections for the botanical garden for ornamental and educational purpose.

Discover more of his tropical treasures through his very well documented website, the best on plumerias ! http/:www.heliconiaparadise.com

P. hawaian drawf

Plumeria rubra "Hawaian drawf"

P. Or savee

P. rubra "Saree"

P. pretty in pink

P. rubra " Pretty in pink"

P. "Sheer beaty"

P. rubra "Sheer beauty"

P. rubra "Pochara"

P. rubra "Phet pachara"

P. rubra "Furenial crown"

P. rubra "Imperial crown"

P. "Som chanigka"

P. rubra "Som samgko"

P. rubra "Saqlmon pink"

P. rubra "Salmon pink"

Curcuma alismatifolia "Chaing Mai Pink"

Curcuma alismatifolia "Pink"

Curcuma alism. "Kimono Pink"

C. alism."Kimono Pink"

C. alism. "Harmandii"

C. alism."Harmandii"

Native Cucuma

Cucuma Autralasica, native

C. alism. "Kimono Rose"

C. alism.

C. alism. "Siam Diamond"

C. alism."Siam Diamond"

Curcuma alism. "Big Red"

C. alism."Big Red"


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