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Saraca Processing

Pau D' Arco Processing

Banaba Processing

Siit arboretum medicinals brochure

Moringa powder

M.oleifera "Powder Leaves"

M. tea leaves

M. oleifera "Tea Leaves"

Moringa capsules

M. oleifera "Capsules"

chi booster

M. oleifera "Tea Mix"

Root powder

M. oleifera "Root Powder"

Moringa seeds

M. oleifera "Seeds"

pau d' arco capsules

Pau D' Arco "Capsules"

Pau d' Arco Tincture

Pau d' arco "Tincture"

Pau d' arco Lotion

Pau d' arco "Lotion"

guto kola

Centela asiatica "Guto kola Capsules"

Banaba Tea1

Lagerstroemia Speciosa "Banaba Tea"


Curcuma longa "Turmeric Capsules"

2009 Our Products for Sale

An initial selection of garden production has been processed and packaged and is now for sale.

On windy plateaus away from “pesticides demanding” monoculture farming, Si-it arboretum has an ideal exposure for herbal production, we hope to encourage and create new options for the neighboring farming communities to see alternative crops opportunities in the process, and help biodiversity reestablishment through more organic projects in adjacent regions.

Gingers as cut flowers

As cut flowers, gingers are record breaker for longevity. A globba will shine freshness for 2 weeks.

Cut flowers of curcuma


Organic Fertilizer

Effective micro--organism


Foliar calcium

Foliar calcium

Indigenous micro-organism